‘Drive My Car’ star Toko Miura to premiere event series on Mipcom – News Kidda

Toko Miura, the Oscar winner’s breakthrough star drive my carwill attend the Mipcom television conference in Cannes next month to present the world premiere of its new series of events Elpis.

Miura and Elpis producer Ayumi Sano (My sweet exes, Quartet) will introduce the premiere at the Grand Auditorium of Cannes on Tuesday, October 18, and will participate in a Q&A after the screening.

The series stars Miura Cherry, a TV marketer who becomes involved in an investigation into false death sentences that uncover a statewide conspiracy and cover-up. Inspired by real events, the series also stars Masami Nagasawa, Gordon Maeda and Ryohei Suzuki.

Masami Nagasawa in ‘Elpis’

Thanks to KANSAI TV

Commercial Network Kansai TV Produced Elpis and will present the series at MIPCOM together with organizers MipcomRX France. The series will be the first Asian world premiere on MIPCOM since the coronavirus pandemic.

“Although it is a serious problem, Elpis has dark comedic dialogue and a plot that will move viewers emotionally,” said Miho Okada, executive director of Kansai TV. “We are very proud of what the amazing production team and artists have created, and it is a privilege to be the first at Cannes to share this with our global industry. We believe it is a show that will surprise in Japan and internationally this fall.”

MIPCOM hopes this year’s event, which takes place on October 17-20, will be a major comeback after the TV commerce market pandemic.

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