Did you know that Sooryavansham’s lead actress Soundarya did not know Hindi and that Rekha dubbed her dialogues in the film? | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Movie ‘Sooryavansham‘ is considered one of the best family dramas describing the father-son relationship. Lead Pair: Amitabh Bachchan and late soundarya garnered immense love and praise for their chemistry in the film. But a very famous that Soundarya didn’t speak Hindi so legendary actress Rekha had to step in and dub the film in Hindi. ‘Sooryavansham’ was a blockbuster. Despite the failure, Soundarya’s acting was loved by many. ‘Sooryavansham’ remains Soundarya’s first and only Hindi film. She tried the character of Radha Singh in the movie. Stay tuned to ETimes for more news and updates.

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