“Dedicated To Anushka, Vamika”: What Virat Kohli Said After Scoring 1st Ton In Over 1000 Days

"Dedicated to Anushka, Vamika": What Virat Kohli said after scoring 1st ton in over 1000 days

File image of Virat Kohli with wife Anushka Sharma and daughter Vamika.© Twitter

Thursday was a special occasion for Virat Kohli and his legion of fans. Because after more than 1000 days, Kohli scored its first international ton. Against Afghanistan in an Asian Cup clash, Kohli hit 12 fours and six sixes to score a 61-ball 122*. He had a success rate of 200.00. Before this ton, Kohli last hit the triple digit in November 2019 against Bangladesh. In recent months, Kohli has been criticized for his meager patch, but his Asian Cup performance has silenced all opponents.

“I have learned a lot in the past two and a half years. I will be 34 in November. So those parties are a thing of the past. I was actually a bit shocked. This was a format where I least expected a ton.” I have worked hard and this is a very special moment for me and also for the team,” said Virat Kohli after scoring tons.

“It was an accumulation of a lot of things. The team was open and helpful. It gave me the space to work on my game. I know there were a lot of things going on on the outside. They kept my perspective good.”


Kohli dedicated his barrel to wife Anushka and daughter Vamika. “And I also kissed my ring during the celebration. You see me standing here because of all the things that have been put into perspective by one person, who has stood by me through all these difficult times – that is Anushka. This hundred is dedicated to her and also to our little daughter Vamika,” he said.

Virat Kohli said the break he took after the Tour of England helped him a lot. “The time I was not in the game taught me a lot. When I came back I wasn’t desperate. Six weeks off, I was refreshed. I realized how tired I was. Competitiveness didn’t allow it, but this one break let me enjoy the game again,” Kohli said.

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