CWG organisers flag India weightlifting team manager’s ‘rude’ behaviour, IOA issues warning | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

BIRMINGHAM: In an embarrassing development for the Indian contingent here at the Commonwealth Games, bodybuilding Team manager Pardeep Sharma was singled out for “rude” behavior by organizers on Saturday.
Gina Dawson, CGA Relationship Manager with the Birmingham Gameswrote to the Indian delegation about Sharma’s behavior.
In response to the email, AIO Acting President Anil Khanna asked Sharma to keep a low profile from now on and play by the rules.
“We have been informed that one of your team officials, Pardeep Sharma, was quite rude to one of our T2 drivers earlier today as he asked to be dropped off at a non-T2 destination,” wrote Dawson in the letter which is in the possession of the PTI.
“Just to note that team officials do not have T2 privileges and will only be able to use your own CGA vehicles, or bus transportation to other venue villages, or public transportation with their accreditation.
“There is also a list of confirmed destinations and our drivers are not taxi services capable of dropping off anywhere. We ask your teams to be respectful and courteous at all times to our staff at all times.”
Khanna, for her part, was quick to issue a reprimand to the head of the weightlifting team.
“We are all ambassadors for our great nation here. I expect you to keep a low profile and seek privileges within the rules. We must remain polite to everyone we meet,” Khanna said. .

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