CWG 2022: Murali Sreeshankar, Mohammad Anees Yahiya qualify for long jump final | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

BIRMINGHAM: Long Murali Sweaters Sreeshankar and Mohammad Anees Yahiya advanced to the men’s long jump final after spending their respective qualifying rounds at the Commonwealth Games here.
Sreeshankar burst into the final with his first-ever jump of 8.05m.
The 23-year-old from Kerala, one of India’s top medal contenders, was the only athlete in his group to surpass the 8m qualifying mark.
The lanky youngster was ecstatic and rushed towards his trainer and the Indian crowd shortly after his jump.
Meanwhile, Yahiya also reached the final with jumps of 7.49m, 7.68m and 7.49m in her three attempts.
While Yahiya was slow off the start, he improved his show on the second attempt and finished third in his group behind Guyana. Emmanuel Archibald and Australiait is Christophe Mitrevski.

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