CWG 2022: I don’t need to be Harmanpreet Kaur or Smriti Mandhana, happy being own self, says Jemimah Rodrigues | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

BIRMINGHAM: Jemima Rodrigues knows his strengths well and finds no reason to change his natural game in order to ape power hitters like the Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur or elegant timers from Smriti Mandhana‘silk.
Jemimah played a big part in India’s 100-point crushing victory over Barbados with an immensely important 56-from-46 shot, which was different in his build from the way Harmanpreet or a Shafali Verma play.
“Smriti had told me a long time ago in the IPL [Women’s T20 Challenge] in 2019 that you don’t have to be a Harmanpreet Kaur or a Smriti Mandhana. You must be a jemima Rodrigues. I think I understood that role and that helps me,” Jemimah said after the game.

For Jemimah, people’s perceptions don’t matter.
“The team has given me a role. If I can play that role, it doesn’t matter how others see it. If the dynamic is right for our team, we have Shafali, Smriti, Harmanso I just want to play the best role I want to play for the team,” she added.
She has no qualms about admitting power strikes aren’t her forte, but she’s still working on that particular skill set in order to contribute more in the game’s shorter format.
“Certainly, I worked on my power play, but more than that, I understood my game better. I’m not a power hitter, I’m a placer. I can close the (gaps) in singles and doubles well; I know how to maneuver on the pitch. I think that’s my strength,” she said.

Jemimah is confident that even without hitting a good six count, she can still firm up the strike rate at a decent rate.
“My game isn’t very flashy but even without that I end up with a good strike rate. That’s what I realized, I don’t need to be someone else; I have to be Jemimah Rodrigues to score. That’s what helped me,” she added.
She also highlighted the equation shared between her and the coach Power of Ramesh and the latter’s role in her promotion to number three, which she believes is her ideal position to flourish.
“Ramesh [Powar] sir told me after the last game to prepare for number 3,” she said. “Honestly, when I was preparing, I was ready for both. Even when I was preparing in net, with our side arm specialist (throwing), I was prepared for both, because you never know, the team can need me anywhere and I should be ready for that,” Jemimah said.

“But definitely I like number 3. That’s my position. [I’m] happy to have been able to play there and contribute to the team, contribute to the plan, and it worked well for the team.”
The Mumbai-born cricketer also added that the opportunities she had at The Hundred tournament for the Northern Superchargers last year played a pivotal role in helping her navigate English conditions and gave her a big boost. confidence to perform at the CWG in birmingham.
“The best thing about the ‘Hundred’ was the opportunity to play under English conditions, which I normally wouldn’t have had,” Jemimah said.
“Any game, even if it’s a domestic game, I think when you go there and score points, you gain confidence. And that’s what happened to me. I was lucky enough to be able to play for the Northern Superchargers.
“I had a good season there, and I just wanted to continue because the more I play, the better I do and the more I learn. I just want to apply that every time I play for India.” she added.

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