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For older generations, the latest generation to come always feels the most confusing and intimidating – as illustrated by tiny screenshots of the formidable Gen Z. In The white lotus, an affluent college student, dressed in a relaxed college sweatshirt and jeans, scathingly and shrewdly mocks other guests vacationing at a luxury Maui resort. In EuphoriaIn the fictional Los Angeles suburb of Los Angeles, a high school student totters and stomps in vintage Prada kitten heels and a tight mini dress as she tries to assert herself at a teen rite of passage: a New Year’s Eve party.

Sydney Sweeney deftly plays and distinguishes the formidable, complex and often contradictory Cassie Euphoria and Olivia on The white lotus – and earned nominations for both innings. Likewise their Emmy-nominated costumes – by Euphoria‘s Heidi Bivens and The white lotusAlex Bovaird – are also signature depictions of young women navigating expectations and influences from society at large, as well as their demanding and unforgiving peers.

“She’s trying to figure out how she wants to be seen and how she can get respect,” said three-time nominee Bivens of Cassie. “A lot of it has to do with how she feels about her family, her father’s departure and her body.”

While trying to impress her love interest, Cassie is confronted by her friends in the school bathroom who wear her over-the-top Dolly Parton-inspired blue gingham and puff-sleeve wrap top and matching floral, inverted pleat mini-dress, which were designed in collaboration featuring and custom made by LA designer Seth Pratt. Bivens says she created a meme-worthy costume characteristic of Cassie, which ironically went viral:[The outfit] comments on this different reality that young people live through social media. There is an appearance on social media that does not always reflect people’s daily lives.”

Euphoria costume designer Heidi Bivens says Cassie’s clothes are “not necessarily the outfits your average person would wear to school.”

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The white lotusOlivia takes her less affluent friend Paula (Brittany O’Grady) on vacation with her family, led by her media mogul mother (Connie Britton). “Everything they wear is a bit of a mashup, like Gen Z is with clothes. The cool ones anyway,” says first-nominee Bovaird.

“[Olivia’s] struggling between trying to find a place and her voice in the wild while existing in this wealthy family — very aware of that, but really self-conscious about wanting to express issues from another place,” Bovaird says. is between two worlds.”

Bovaird represented some of this cohort’s socially conscious shopping and fast fashion aversion, bringing second-hand pieces into Olivia’s wardrobe. In “mean girl” mode, as she emotionally terrorizes millennial writer Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), Olivia wears a high school uniform—referential vintage swimming ensemble: a striped tank and skater skirt set.

But her costumes purposely send mixed messages. Olivia and Paula mock the consumerism of her neoliberal parents, but also deflect with “flashing sneakers and logo slides,” notes Bovaird. “That’s indicative of the age you’re trying to figure out your values.”

Olivia’s appearance is “indicative of the age you’re trying to figure out your values,” says The white lotus costume designer Alex Bovaird.

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As the show progresses, as do the young women’s clothing – underlining the dynamics of their interracial friendship. Olivia moves from casual wear to bodycon pieces and flirty mini-dresses, while Paula retreats to brooding, dark hues and sloppy silhouettes. Bovaird says, “That speaks to their dynamism, where Olivia has power in the relationship, but also in the world as a whole.”

As the young women face various societal pressures, Olivia and Cassie find themselves in a time-honored and universal situation: dressing for their peers — and their best friends.

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