Concerned about NAS report, Goa govt to provide training to math teachers

Panaji, following the National Achievement Survey (NAS) survey, which found that Goa’s students were doing poorly in math and science, said Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said special training will be given to math teachers to upgrade them.
“The government takes primary education very seriously. Only if we provide primary education in a good way will only the good results be seen in the future,” Sawant added on Saturday.
The Chief Minister on Saturday virtually interacted with teachers, students and parents at the ‘Shiksha Pe Charcha‘ program.
Referring to the NAS survey, which suggested that Goa students have fared poorly compared to the national average in maths, languages, social sciences and sciences, Sawant said every effort is being made to provide teachers with training.
“In the future, there will be special training courses for math teachers. We have brought together experts so that math teachers from all schools can receive training,” he added.
“In addition, the government has decided to train primary teachers, English teachers and para-teachers for an upgrade,” he said.
He added that the government is focusing on: National Education Policy2020.
“The first five years, from the age of 3 to 8, are very important for students, so together with teachers, parents should also work on the progress of students,” said the Chief Minister.
“We have prioritized language and mathematics. If it is taught systematically to students at a young age, it will help them in the future as well,” Sawant added.
Several months ago, the Chief Minister had questioned the Education Brotherhood as to why the educational standards in Goa in several subjects including Mathematics and Science were below the national average, while they are well paid and all infrastructure is in place.
“We are below the national average in math and science. When this news was published, who was criticized? The blame lies with the government and with me as the Minister of Education. Am I going to teach students? Do I go to school ( to teach)? Am I taking their studies? Who teaches them? You compare our state with others. Is there a shortage (in facilities)? Lack of infrastructure? Salary is less? We hesitated to give you (whatever is asked )? Everything we’ve given. Why less average? I’m worried about our students,” Sawant had said of the Goa Headmasters Association program.

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