ChromeOS Gets New Editing and Productivity Tools, Coming August to Chromebooks

ChromeOS is getting a ton of new video editing tools and productivity features next month. Google is releasing a new movie editor with new editing features in Google Photos apps, and it is claimed to make the process of creating videos “with just a few taps” easier. Aside from these tools, there are new features in Google Photos wallpapers, light and dark themes, new PDF editing features, deeper calendar integration, and new capabilities in virtual desks. The features will roll out to Chromebooks starting the first week of August.

The first major set of features comes to Google Photos in the form of a new movie editor and video editing features. According to Google, the movie-making tool has been revamped, allowing users to quickly create “high-quality movies” by using suggested themes, applying AI effects like Real Tone filters, adding music and title cards, among others. options. Users can open a video in the Gallery app and edit it in Google Photos with a single tap using deeper integration into the operating system.

Google also says that the new functions of Google Photos can also automatically create a movie. The user has to choose a theme, both photos and videos of people (or pets), and Google Photos will compile them to make a movie – just like in Android. These features will be available first on Chromebook in August.

Aside from the new movie and video related features, Google Photos will also get improvements in wallpapers. Not only can you set wallpapers from Google Photos albums, but also have them change automatically on a daily basis. Furthermore, Google is introducing light and dark themes on ChromeOS. You can choose one of the themes or the “auto” option that automatically transitions from light to dark when the day turns into night. Some wallpapers also support this transition, Google says.

There are other features, including new PDF editing features in the Gallery app (Chromebook’s default media app), deeper Calendar integration for a quick look at details without opening another app or browser tab, and improvements to notifications that allow for a cleaner user interface. All of these features will also be rolled out to ChromeOS in August.

With the virtual desks, a feature that allows users to keep all related apps and windows related to a specific project together, they can save and close an entire desk and then pick up where they left off with a tap. This feature will be rolled out to ChromeOS at the end of September.

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