Becky Lynch’s cheeky six-word tweet about Roman Reigns’ title run

Becky Lynch maybe lost in the ring on saturday SummerSlam event, but she took a landslide victory over Roman rule last night on Twitter.

Lynch made headlines this week following an injury during her SummerSlam loss to longtime rival Bianca Belair.

During the Raw In the women’s championship game, The Man parted her shoulder early on, but went on with her performance, making it an even more impressive display than it already was. Lynch propped up her arm after the game.

As a result, The Man will likely miss upcoming events, with some reports suggesting she could be inactive for up to 10 weeks. It is also unclear whether she will need surgery to repair her injury.

But while Lynch is away from the ring for a while, she couldn’t help but fire a shot at Roman Reigns, whose inactivity is certainly not due to injuries.

After a tweet asking fans if Reigns or Lynch was the better double champion in WWE, The Man reacted cheekily, mocking Reigns’ sporadic appearances in recent months.

“Me, I came to work,” Lynch tweeted.

Reigns has become a WWE icon in recent years, with the Tribal Chief holding the title of undisputed universal WWE champion.

As one of the most important characters in the sport right now, the demand is high, but Reigns’ appearances have been patchy lately.

He recently agreed to a new deal with the company, which reduced his appearances, which meant he wouldn’t be on most of the house shows and even missed some episodes of SmackDown as well as some pay-per-views.

This has become more apparent lately, with Reigns not appearing every week and only appearing here and there.

With Reigns also missing out on the recent Money in the Bank event in July, the Tribal Chief will be under a lot of pressure from both the WWE and fans to defend his title.

How many world titles has Roman Reigns held in WWE?

Of course he just did that at SummerSlam last weekend Brock Lesnar and he will do it again in Wales at Clash at the Castle when he shares the ring with Scotsman Drew McIntyre.

We’re not sure Reigns will appreciate Lynch’s brutal tweet that much, but it’s caused quite a stir within the WWE universe, as the Irish woman tends to do a lot of the time when it comes to socializing activities media.

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