Beautiful design for new titles that may be unveiled

WWE will debut new looks for several of its titles, with the Tag Team Championship designs potentially leaking.

Triple H has been making changes to WWE since he became Head of Creative in July, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

One thing that HHH has left the same is the design of all the titles within WWE, but if we are to believe the reports from championship experts, it won’t be long.

New WWE Championships Design

@BeltFanDan is one of the most trusted sources on Twitter when it comes to news about WWE championship titles.

The account reports that Triple H plans to change the designs of several titles within WWE, namely the Tag Team titles, both for the men and the women.

Last week, the account revealed details about the design for the new title belt, which you can see below, explaining that a “big WWE logo” will appear in the center, as well as other things.

As you can see above, the report also explains that the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles, which were won by Dakota Kai and IYO SKY earlier this week, will also be redesigned.

The report explained that the belts will have a belt change, meaning they will return to the usual black belt that all men’s titles within WWE most likely have.

What will the new WWE Tag Team Championship look like?

So, keeping in mind @BeltFanDan’s details on the WWE Tag Team Championships, possible designs for the belt have leaked online.

Obviously we won’t know exactly what the titles will look like when they debut on TV, but given how detailed the above description is, graphic designers have got a pretty good idea.

As such, @nutshellfanatic on Instagram has come up with a possible look for the straps, and to be honest, the design is nothing fancy.

If this design, which you can see below, eventually becomes what we see on TV, the Tag Team titles currently owned by The Usos could end up being the best looking belts in WWE.

As of now, there’s no word on whether other belts will be redesigned now that Triple H is running things in WWE, but GiveMeSport will try to keep you informed of possible updates.

As for what else Triple H could change in WWE, reports from the Wrestling Observer state that ‘The Game’ has even more surprises in store, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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