Ayan Mukerji begins work on ‘Brahmastra’ sequel ‘Dev and the Astraverse’; simultaneous recording for part 2 and 3 | Hindi Movie News

The huge success of ‘Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva’ has forced director Ayan Mukerji to work on the next installments. Announcing that the film has clocked in at Rs 360 crore at the worldwide box office, the filmmaker wrote: “BRAHMĀSTRA Part One is 11 days old today, and on this Monday (Day of Shiv) that exudes some good pure energy for … What the film has achieved so far! The journey will continue in the coming weeks as the holiday season approaches! All the public feedback we have received (good, and not so good) – which we all absorb and learn a lot from!! All GREAT fan theories out there (some of which we will definitely use in our future!)”

Speaking of the sequel, Ayan added: “PART TWO: DEV & The ATRAVERSE! I didn’t think I’d be ready to go back to work once this first baby was born, but the energy of our audience has given me the energy to jump right back into it…! For all this… Thank you #brahmastra #astraverse.” Ranbir Kapor recently told IndiaToday that they plan to shoot both part 2 and part 3 together so that the sequels are not delayed.” Ranbir Kapoor returns as Shiva for the sequel, while several new characters are also introduced.

About the overwhelming success of ‘Brahmastra’, Ranbir Kapoor had said: “I feel that the overwhelming love of the audience for the film is the greatest Brahmastra we have. I am very happy and proud to receive these reactions. I really want to thank every fan and viewer from the bottom of my heart. I think this is a great movie to bring audiences back to the cinema. This is all we needed. People showing their emotions, being entertained, laughing and clapping – that’s what cinema is all about.”

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