At a time of global fiasco, India has become the center of world attention: leaders from more than 12 countries have visited India in the last 15 days

With the onset of rising geopolitical tensions across the globe whether in Europe, Asia or the Middle East, the world has found its new and unquestioned favorite place. India has become the focus with the highest number of foreign leaders visiting the country on separate visits in the last 15 days.

Whether it is India’s diplomacy in these times of crisis or the global power reached by a country of 1.35 billion people, nations are not only prioritizing their relations with India but also trying to improve relations with it knowingly about the future aspects of India’s growth.

It’s something as an Indian I have to say that one thing this government has done without making a mess is to improve relations with countries that have been left unattended for a decade, and then create a sense of awareness among other nations that yes, India is rising to take its share of the world power it deserves .

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No, if you are wondering that this is a political article praising the BJP, then no. But this is an overview of the changing global mindset about India and how it has been rather suppressed from achieving what it deserved decades ago.

A country with the most young people, the largest English-speaking population, and proving that the most educated immigrants in the world, can make a huge difference, and given leadership to tap into this talent and help them maintain state borders.

The past decade has created a “brand called India” that hasn’t given up on its plans out of fear of Western sanctions instead, creating a path of its own with unique diplomacy that not even the United Nations can. To question or point the finger at him.

No wonder, the World Bank has predicted that India will become the third largest economy in the world by the end of 2029, after China and the United States. This may come as a surprise to some, but given the frequent and significant changes that India has undergone in the past two decades, it would be really difficult to stop or even slow the pace of India.

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