Assamese Dictionary Braille Edition Launched

The braille edition of ‘Hemkosh‘, the first etymological dictionary of Assamese, has been released by the Governor of Assam, Jagdish Mukhi. This edition, published by the Sadin-Pratidin group, will be donated free of charge to visually impaired people of the state, according to a Raj Bhavan release.
‘Hemkosh’ was first published in 1919 by Hem Chandra Baruwa.
The next generations of his family, who currently own the media conglomerate ‘Sadin-Pratidin’ group, have since come up with subsequent editions of the dictionary.
During the program on Friday, the governor said: “This endeavor will raise Hemkosh’s parameter from today, the visually impaired people can also enjoy it. I congratulate the whole team for this noble goal.”
He expressed the hope that the lexicon would help improve the quality of education for visually impaired students.
Speaking about the efforts of Jayanta Barua, the owner of the Sadin-Pratidin group, Mukhi said: “All these years Hemkosh has been instrumental in the upliftment and advancement of the Assamese language, and now the Braille dictionary will be of great help to the visually impaired.”
He also praised the initiative to provide the Braille edition for free to the visually impaired people of the state, the release said.

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