Assam appoints more than 4,700 people in education department on September 23

Guwahati, Sept. 20 (PTI): The Assam government will hire more than 4,700 people to various positions in the Ministry of Education on Sept. 23 as part of a mega-recruitment campaign, a minister said Tuesday. Minister of Education Ranoj Pegu the nomination letters for 4,717 posts in his department will be handed over on Friday during the function.
“Most of these positions are from school- to college-level teachers. In addition to teachers, vacancies in other positions will also be filled during the exercise,” he told reporters here.
The list includes the names of 1,298 teachers who went to the Gauhati Supreme Court over a mercy sign issue after the court vacated the detention order for their appointments, Pegu said.
Of the total number of posts, 3,811 will be in schools, 803 in higher education and 103 in technical education sectors, he added.
The Assam government will issue nomination letters to about 12,000 youth in various departments on Sept. 23 during a mega-recruitment exercise in Guwahati.
The minister also said that a ‘White Paper’ will be published by the Ministry of Education, covering all areas such as school, university and technical education.
“Since 2011, there have been massive reforms in the Ministry of Education. More than two lakh agreements have been made. A huge amount of infrastructure is being developed. That is why we decided to issue a ‘white paper’ on our department,” he says. added.
Pegu said the planned “White Paper” is being worked on and is expected to be released within the next two months.
When asked about closing government-run schools, the education minister said the ministry has received proposals to merge 1,710 schools with other nearby district institutions.
“After that, we received about 300 applications requesting that we not merge the schools involved. They cited various reasons for these 300 schools, such as historical importance or named after some important personalities or physical difficulties in going to the new school,” he added.
Pegu said a central committee has been formed to hear these appeals and they will decide each case individually.
“During the last exercise a few years ago, we provincialized teachers but didn’t touch the schools. So the question was what would happen to those schools. This time we will merge those schools,” he added.
However, Pegu said the entire practice of the amalgamation will be carried out without violating the children’s right to education.
Provincialization means that the government takes over all the obligations of a non-governmental school, which is established for the sole purpose of providing education for the benefit of society, for the payment of salaries and other benefits to the teachers.

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