Apple is reportedly accused of assaulting complaints of sexual misconduct by female employees

More than a dozen women accused Apple of assaulting sexual misconduct allegations they made while working for the iPhone maker, according to a Financial Times report released Thursday.

The Silicon Valley giant’s 15 current and former employees reported retaliating against or receiving a disappointing or counterproductive response from the company.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but told the paper it is working hard to investigate complaints of misconduct and added that it would change its training processes.

Sexual harassment or discrimination scandals have rocked Silicon Valley in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which sparked action against the male-dominated culture, attitudes and behavior of the tech industry.

One of the women mentioned in the story, Megan Mohr, was inspired by #metoo to report to Apple in 2018 that a male co-worker had taken off her shirt and bra and photographed her after a night of drinking while Mohr fell asleep. fell.

After speaking to human resources about its claim, the company noted that the employee’s behavior may have been criminal, but that it violated no policy in the context of its work at Apple, the story reports.

She quit her job in January, after 14 years with the company, and is now asking the company to review its policies, the report continues.

The women interviewed for the story are a fraction of the approximately 165,000 people the company employs worldwide.

Another woman mentioned in the story, Jayna Whitt, wrote a blog post saying that a romantic relationship with a fellow Apple attorney had gone bad and turned dangerous.

She said the man was unstable, physically abusive and emotionally abusive, but when Whitt told Apple, the company advised her to call the police if she felt unsafe.

Her complaint to the company about the man’s behavior eventually led to her being reprimanded for letting a personal relationship interfere with her job, Whitt’s blog post says.

Apple isn’t the only major tech company facing abuse allegations or handling misconduct claims, game studio Activision Blizzard and Elon Musk’s Tesla have both been plagued by lawsuits.

Six women sued Tesla in December over a culture of sexual harassment at the electric carmaker’s California plant and other facilities, including unwanted touches, yelling and retaliation for those who complained.

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