Another CWG-bound Indian track and field athlete fails dope test | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

NEW DELHI: A member of the CWG-linked women’s 4x100m relay team is set to be dropped from the Indian team after testing positive for a banned drug.
No official is ready to confirm the name of the dopant.
“A member of the relay team at destination CTM has tested positive and will be removed,” a senior source told PTI without giving details.
With the latest dope misfire, the women’s 4x100m relay team is down to just four members. If an injury occurs to the remaining four members, someone from other track events may need to be roped off, which, however, will affect team performance.
The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) initially nominated Dutee Chand, Hima Das, Srabani NandaNS Simi, Sekar Dhanalakshmi and MV Jilna in the 37-member Indian athletics team.
But later Jilna was dropped from the team as Indian Olympic Association was given a quota of only 36 athletes. Jilna however was later added as a replacement for Dhanalakshmi who also failed doping tests.
The dope is said to be a late inclusion in the squad but that could not be confirmed.
The latest doping misstep came days after two other CWG-linked athletes – top sprinter Sekar Dhanalakshmi and three-time jumper Aishwarya Babu – were dropped from the Indian squad after returning two positive tests each for banned drugs.
Dhanalakshmi failed two out-of-competition tests while Aishwarya came back positive on two in-competition tests.
Dhanalakshmi’s dope samples contained anabolic steroids while Ostarine, a type of drug called a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), was found in Aishwarya’s samples taken on June 13 and 14 during the national championships interstate in Chennai.
Meanwhile para discus thrower Anesh Kumar and para powerlifter Geeta have also tested positive for the banned substances.
The drug samples were collected out of competition by the NADA officials. Geeta tested positive for anabolic steroids while Kumar’s sample was found to contain diuretics and masking agent Hydrochlorothiazide.
Geeta was provisionally suspended and removed from the CWG team. Kumar, on the other hand, is likely to participate in the CWG as he was not provisionally suspended since hydrochlorothiazide is a Specified Substance under the WADA Code.
Provisional Suspension is not mandatory for Specified Substances.
A source from the Indian Paralympic Committee (ICP) said the banned substance found in Kumar’s sample was due to a drug he took for blood pressure, although he did not seek permission to use for therapeutic purposes (TUE).
He said the NADA letter sent to Kumar mentioned that he could explain how the substance entered his body before August 9.
“Aneesh informed NADA that the substance found in his sample was due to the medication he took for blood pressure,” the ICP source said.
“Since he hasn’t been provisionally suspended, we hope he will be cleared for CWG. However, Geeta cannot go for CWG,” the source said.

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