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The representation landscape in Hollywood seems to be shifting again.

Anonymous Content, the management and production company it supports The Revenant, Mr. Robot, and clients Samuel L. Jackson and Emma Stone, are investigating an acquisition of the fast-growing company Grandview/Automatik. The latter currently has clients such as: Top Gun: Maverick director Joe Kosinski, House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal and Dan Trachtenberg, the director of Hulu’s most-watched film, Prey.

Spokespersons for both companies declined to comment, but rumors of a possible merger have surfaced in recent weeks. It is not clear which phases the talks are in.

Anonymous, like several other major companies, is backed by private equity — Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective is a financier — while Grandview, founded in 2014 by former CAA agents Jeff Silver and Matt Rosen, is one of the few major concerns that still in private hands. The company has been getting offers from various companies, including financial institutions, for some time now.

Part of the impetus for the acquisition is the consolidation of the industry and perhaps the emergence of Range Media, the management company founded in 2020 that has quickly become the largest, at least in terms of staff, if not in terms of clients, in the city. . Range also has divisions dealing with financing and branding and the concept of customer silos.

“Major management changes are coming,” said a partner at one agency. “There will be consolidation and some of it will be driven by the end of packaging costs and the elimination of streaming fees.”

Part of Anonymous’s growth was due to its ability to leverage its literary list for the production side. The success of Spotlight, real detective and 13 reasons whyon top of Revenant and others emphasize that strategy. And in an industry that still needs content to make a media company king, other management firms are envious of their illuminated list.

Grandview also has a production side – Automatik – and had some success, featured in films such as La La Land. But it’s their well-lit roster and young actors that make the nimble company a player in the rep scene.

If a deal is made, “it’s smart for both,” said a rival manager. “This will feed the production side.”

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