Amy Schumer Previews ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Returns After 6 Years Without TV – News Kidda

Amy Schumer offered the first look at what she has in store when Inside Amy Schumer returns.

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian brought along a short clip that will be shown when her comedy sketch series returns — after six years off the air — for its fifth season on Paramount+. The parody sees Schumer, along with Amber Tamblyn, in an ad supporting Second Amendment rights (around seven minutes): “No government has the right to tell me how to defend my family, so I will as mother always be proud to drive a tank.”

Schumer recently announced the return of her Emmy- and Peabody-award-winning series, which she put on hiatus in 2016 after four seasons on Comedy Central. She told earlier News Kidda of the decision: “Because Trump was president, I was too depressed and just didn’t feel like I had anything useful to say.”

Now, in conversation with Kimmel, the actress and star of Hulu’s Life & Beth, who is currently participating in her stand-up ‘Whore Tour’, says she’s inspired again. The result is five episodes rolling out weekly, with two episodes in the premiere on October 20.

“The last season was 2016. And that’s no coincidence. I’ve been incredibly depressed ever since,” she echoes. “I just really didn’t feel like I had anything to say, and I was really upset about the election – I don’t know if you’ve read about it? It was just everything. But I felt ready to do it again, and we had the best time.”

Schumer says there was “always a firm offer” from Paramount to return to the series. And, having previously described the new content as a mix of pointy and topical, while also funny with a feminist slant, Schumer says the writer’s room is now tasked with “addressing all the stuff that’s going on, it’s unbelievable.” pack while she’s been gone.

What else you can expect may be summed up by the name of her tour, which Schumer came up with herself: “I was pretty excited. And then some newspapers won’t even print it. In some cities they won’t put it on the tent, so it feels like you’re doing something right.”

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