All state units must honour domestic players not just international ones: Yuvraj Singh | Cricket News

MOHALI: Former Indian batter Yuvraj Singh on Tuesday stressed the need to recognize the achievements of former cricketers after being honored by the Punjab Cricket Association.
The 40-year-old, who played international cricket for nearly two decades before ending a glorious career in 2019, showed up at the PCA Stadium alongside his teammate Harbhajan Singh.
Two stands bearing the names of two of India’s greatest cricketers have been unveiled.
The 2011 World Cup hero got a little emotional when asked about the BCCI blazer he wore as he entered the premises.
“It’s a nice feeling to be back at the PCA stadium like this. I’m wearing the BCCI blazer in my own stadium for the first time. It’s wonderful to be called up by my former parent association and to be recognized “, he told PTI.
“The new president of the PCA Gulzari Inder Chahal was a cricketer himself and probably knows the importance of acknowledging former cricketers whether domestic or international. Even national players should be recognized,” said the two-time world cricket champion.
Alongside the unveiling of the stand, the PCA also honored former Punjab cricketers – Bharti Vij, Mahesh Inder Singh, current India manager Harvinder Singh, Bhupinder Singh father and current batting coach of India Vikram Rathour.
“Difficult to commit to full-time training at this stage”
Yuvraj is one of the most accessible cricketers and has worked with young players like Abishek Sharma and Shubman Gill. Harbhajan is already guiding the current dispensation to the PCA.
When asked if he was open to a long-term coaching role, Yuvraj said: “I still work with the players from time to time. I have also worked with the Punjab cricketers in the past. But I want to see my child grow up. So, I’m not sure I can commit to anything full-time for the association at this point,” he signed.

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