After India crackdown, BGMI rushes to change location of controversial servers, report says

Krafton, developers of BGMI, changes the location of Battlegrounds Mobile India Servers from India-Singapore to India-Malaysia. Here’s everything you need to know.

Here is an update for the players of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). They may soon be able to play BGMI again! According to the latest updates, Krafton is changing the location of Battlegrounds Mobile India servers. It is known that the Indian government had banned BGMI due to a suspected invasion of privacy. The game has been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to stop further downloads. And now, according to Insidesport, BGMI servers are changing from India-Singapore to India-Malaysia. News of data migration has fueled speculation that India’s ban may soon be lifted.

It has been known that ever since the news of data migration started circulating in BGMI, there has been increasing speculation about the likely date of the title’s return. “All of this speculation gained momentum as many fans faced an ‘account migration’ prompt when searching for specific player IDs in BGMI,” Insidesport said in the report.

BGMI: Data Migration

According to the report, many players have noticed that specific player IDs do not appear in the in-game search results, but those IDs are visible in the rankings when gamers browse the in-game search box. A migration notice has appeared stating, “The player you are viewing has been migrated to Battlegrounds Mobile India,” according to the Insidesport report.

What should be noted is that there is no official information or statement from Krafton regarding BGMI’s return to India. However, the company is doing its best to bring the game back to the country.

About BGMI Ban in India

BGMI was one of the most popular BR games in India and was banned by the Government of India under Section 69(A) of the IT Act. Krafton Inc., the creators of BGMI, was given a 14-day timeline by the government to prove their innocence. The developers are in the process of providing the evidence to resolve the data privacy issues and ties to China.

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