AEW stars send ‘feelers’ for shocking WWE move

The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) could be looking for a sensational move from AEW to WWE, if the reports are to be believed.

Widely regarded as one of the best tag teams in the world, the Young Bucks also serve as two Executive Vice Presidents of AEW.

However, it appears the pair are considering their options as reports indicate the tag team has sent feelers to gauge whether WWE would be interested in signing them.

What do reports say about The Young Bucks’ move to WWE?

Ryan Frederick of the Wrestling Observer reports that Nick and Matt have been talking to wrestlers about a potential move to WWE once their current deals with AEW are over.

Those contracts weren’t expected to expire until late 2024, but it’s interesting to note that the talented tandem is even thinking about following in Cody Rhodes’ footsteps by moving to WWE, as described by WrestleTalk.

[The Young Bucks] reached out to a knack for sending feelers they’d like to talk about coming in when their deals are up.

It’s worth noting that the report states that many wrestlers will do this to get better contracts, but not many expected The Young Bucks to fall into that category.

It’s also worth highlighting that the report states that The Bucks have been speaking to talent in WWE, rather than senior people in an official capacity, which would be considered contract manipulation at this stage.

What happened to The Young Bucks and CM Punk?

The Young Bucks, although not officially announced, are currently considered to be suspended from AEW.

Their reported suspensions from AEW stemmed from an alleged feud the pair, along with Kenny Omega, had backstage with CM Punk and Ace Steel after All Out last weekend.

Punk had made laudatory comments about The Bucks and Omega during Sunday night’s press conference, with the trio disagreeing and confronting the former WWE Superstar after the show.

This reportedly resulted in a physical altercation backstage in Punk’s locker room, which in turn led to multiple suspensions, including from The Bucks and Omega.

At this point, it’s unclear whether The Bucks, who may or may not be suspended from AEW and are arguing with CM Punk, have anything to do with wanting to know whether or not WWE is interested in signing them.

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