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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences CEO Bill Kramer and newly elected president Janet Yang announced in an email to Academy membership on Wednesday that members will be invited to serve as seat fillers for the annual Oscars. , starting with the ceremony on March 12 next year.

Over the past two years, the Academy has limited the number of Oscars tickets for non-nominated voting members due to COVID-19 protocols. Wednesday’s announcement, which also included the return of the annual member raffle, was inspired by a member’s suggestion to involve more Academy members in the annual awards ceremony. The email, provided to News Kiddaalso mentioned that a raffle is underway for the Nov. 19 Governor’s Awards.

The email also indicated that a new team will oversee in-person membership screenings in Los Angeles, New York and London: “Filmmakers and artist panels will also begin this fall and will be added to the Academy Screening Room. We will also be bringing back screenings in San Francisco and a membership committee will be formed later this fall to guide these initiatives.” The team is also exploring additional screenings in other cities around the world.

International feature films will continue to be available in the Academy Screening Room, and the Academy will host in-person and virtual events for members who vote for the best international feature film category. Following the announcement of the shortlist on December 21, the 15 selected international films will be screened in Los Angles, New York and London.

The email also included an update on the Academy’s scholarship program, which was halted for budgetary reasons during the pandemic. The program is not included in the Academy’s current budget, which was created in June, but Kramer and Yang state that they will “continue to build our robust talent development, education, and community program.”s within the Academy (including the Academy Museum)” and that the “focus now is to invest in the film community beyond traditional grants to maximize impact. This is something we will continue to evaluate with the Academy Board Education and Outreach Committee as we find the most effective way to build a more inclusive future for our industry and support our surrounding communities.”

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