Aamir Khan Responds To People Comparing His Character In ‘Laal Singh Chaadha’ To The One He Played In ‘PK’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Aamir Khan is currently promoting his movie ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ which will be released on 11th August. Recently, the actor spoke about the film’s comparisons to his hit film ‘PK’ and said that people should see the film first and then decide. While dealing with the media, Aamir said: “There is one similarity between ‘Laal’ and ‘PK’, and that is innocence. Laal is innocent and so is PK. That’s a very strong quality that they both possess.’ He added that in his opinion, other than “innocence,” there is no resemblance between the characters. Stay tuned to ETimes for more news and updates.

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