895 CHB small flats in illegal possession: News Kidda

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 21

As many as 895 flats have been illegally occupied during an investigation of more than 18,000 flats conducted by the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB). The board had received complaints that a number of allottees had sold or transferred their flat. These flats, which are allocated to beneficiaries under various schemes, cannot be sold or transferred.

Yashpal Garg, Chief Executive Officer, CHB, said a survey of 18,138 small flats allocated to beneficiaries by the board under the Rehabilitation Scheme, Small Flat Scheme and the Affordable Rental Housing Scheme was conducted by officials to see if these were occupied by the inmates. and only their families. These flats were located in Sector 49, Sector 56, Sector 38-West, Dhanas, Industrial Area, Mauli Jagran, Ramdarbar, Maloya (Small Flats) and Maloya (ARHC).

  • 18.138 Flats covered under investigation
  • 15,627 Occupied by original allottees
  • 2 months Study duration

Of these flats, 895 turned out to be “illegally” occupied by others. While 1,268 flats were found to be locked, residents of 130 flats refused to share information. He said 211 flats were occupied by government agencies. Four flats were sealed by the CHB teams, while three were found empty. Of the 18,138 apartments, 15,627 turned out to be occupied by the original residents, according to the CEO.

Garg said these flats were allocated only for the occupation of the allottees and their families.

The heirs, who illegally sold, sublet or transfer their flats, and the buyers could both be prosecuted on charges of fraud, cheating or forgery, etc., he said. Other individuals, including real estate dealers, document writers, intermediaries, etc., involved in such illegal transactions of small flats could also be prosecuted, he added.

At the time of the investigation, the occupant of a flat had to establish his/her identity and be a relative of the heir. The term relative includes parent, brother, sister, husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren of the heir.

Friends, cousins ​​can live with the resident for a shorter duration, but they cannot be permanent residents of the flat. “Occupation of the flat by relatives, cousins, friends or other persons, in the absence of the resident or his/her relatives, will be treated as an offense and the resident will have to explain the same. If it is found that a homeowner or his family members are not living in the flat, it will be treated as a violation of the allotment conditions,” he said.

He said the CHB could also file FIRs against those involved in such illegal deals. “In the coming days, Dharam Pal, UT advisor-cum-chair, CHB, will consider the door-to-door survey report to decide on further steps,” the CEO added.

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