7 girls under 12 who scored 100 percentile in CUET-UG

NEW DELHI: Like the Council exams, despite fewer girls enrolled and appearing, girls also continue to outperform the boys in the Common University Entrance Test-UG. There are 12 candidates who scored 100 percentile in five subjects, seven of which were girls.
There are 102 candidates who scored 100 percentile in four subjects, of which 76 were girls. Of the total 21,159 top scorers, a total of 60.5% are girls. Based on the new data made available by the NTA, the results also indicate that admission to courses in the humanities and commerce in sought-after colleges will remain premium, while it would be relatively easy to get a seat in the obtain science.
Among the 12, there are three candidates from the OBC-NCL (non-creamy layer) category, while the rest are from the unqualified category. Among the 102 candidates who scored 100 percentile in four subjects, four are from the economically weaker section (EWS), six from OBC-NCL and two from SC categories.
As first reported by the TOI Friday, the total number of 100 percentiles in domain subjects and general test 19,865 candidates and the total number of 100 percentiles including the 31 languages ​​and vocational subjects is 21,159.
There are 12 papers in which more than one lakh candidates appeared, including two (English and General test) where more than four lakh candidates took the test and four (Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry) where more than two lakh aspirants also took the have passed the exam.
Excluding English and the general test, the relatively science subjects had a significantly higher number of test takers than those of the humanities and commerce. However, there are fewer 100 percentile scorers in the science majors compared to humanities while the ratio of 100 percentile scorers to those in the sciences is also lower than the humanities and commerce.
While English (8,236) has the highest number of 100 percentile scorers, followed by political science (2,065) and business administration (1669). While the number of candidates for math, physics, and chemistry is more than double that of political science, the number of 100 percentile scorers is 82, 59, and 156, respectively.
The first edition of CUET-UG, the gateway for admission to 90 universities (44 central, 12 state, 11 presumed and 19 private).
In contrast to the sciences, the humanities, commerce and even subjects like Sanskrit (1166), Hindi (875) and tamil (255) have a significantly high number of 100 percentile scorers. For example, while there are 422 candidates who score 100 percentile in accountancy and 893 in history, there are 130 who do the same in computer science or 17 in agriculture and 4 in anthropology. The only science subject with more than 400 candidates scoring 100 percentiles is biology/biotechnology.
The other topics that more than 1,000 candidates with 100 percentile have seen are economics and psychology.

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