5 Of The Bhuppi Rana Gang Caught By Panchkula Agents: News Kidda

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Panchkula, August 1

The Crime Division of Sector 19 of Panchkula Police has arrested five members of the Bhuppi Rana gang for threatening miners in the Raipur Rani block of the district on May 7.

DCP Surinder Pal Singh addresses media outlets announcing the arrest of five members of the Bhuppi Rana gang. RAVI KUMAR

The suspects have been identified as Harsimran Singh, a resident of Navipur Narayangarh village; Gurdeep Singh, from the village of Rampur; Nikhil Chauhan from Bagwala village; Rajeev Kumar from Sirauli village; and Gurpreet Singh, a resident of Saidhpur village, near Derabassi, in Mohali district. Three pistols, including a firearm manufactured in the country, and nine live ammunition were recovered from the suspects.

DCP Surinder Pal Singh said the suspects faced several criminal cases at different police stations and the police were on their guard.

The five were brought before a court today, which placed them in police custody for five days. The police would probably solve a number of other cases.

The DCP said Ishtaq Khan, a resident of Narayangarh, claimed in a complaint to the Raipur Rani police that as the flying commander of the Shree Balaji mines, he was overseeing mining operations in Mandalay village. On the afternoon of May 6, four suspects arrived in a car to his office, where one of his associates, Iqbal, was present and inquired about Ishtaq before leaving the suspects.

Around 4 p.m., he got a call on the cell phone and was told they would litter vehicles with mined material without paying royalties. When the accused refused to comply with their demand, he threatened to shoot him while claiming to be a member of the Bhupi Rana gang. The next day, he got another similar call.

At around 2:30 PM, a Scorpio car arrived at the Shree Balaji mine checkpoint in Mandalay village. When he was arrested, the suspect allegedly beat the staff. One of the suspects pulled out a gun and threatened to kill them. Later, Ishtaq received another phone call asking whether to agree to their demand or to dire consequences.

The DCP said on May 13 that Ravi Saini and Ajay Kumar, alias Moni, were arrested in connection with the case and are currently being held in Ambala prison.

All history tokens

  • 5 cases of fighting, assault and gun law against Harsimran Singh
  • Murder case against Gurdeep Singh in Mullana
  • 3 murder cases, fighting against Gurpreet
  • Homicide trial against Nikhil Chauhan
  • Assault case against Rajeev Kumar


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